Make the transition to going barefoot.
Its very simple : Because horses are born barefoot.

Natural Hoof Care allows the entire hoof mechanism to function completely.

The natural trim is based on the hooves of wild horses.

A normal hoof is not flat on any plane. It has naturally arching quarters,
recessed bars and sole. These important shapes are eliminated to permit
the secure application of a shoe.
By providing a natural approach to the maintenance of our horses feet the
horse will travel and wear the hooves the way his or her body dictates.
Our model is the outer form that allows the inner form to function optimally.
Each hoof is a unique force which expresses itself to best serve that limb, on
that animal, in that environment, at that time.

The role of the trimmer is to support this natural process.

The Wild Horse Hoof promotes Holistic Equine Management and Natural
Hoof Care. I am seeking to accomlish this by providing information, service
and support and by educating people to this cause.

The Wild Horse Hoof
Claudia Beutel
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner
Gentle, vegetarian, intelligent and brave
The horse for countless centuries
Has been man's best friend and slave

And next to footsteps on a trail
From man's dark hidden source
Toward the civilized we find
The hoofprints of a horse.

by Vernon Scannel
Making the transition
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