About Me
I grew up in Germany and my background with horses was typical of that of a
young girl, dreaming of owning her own horse. That was not to be until I was in
my early twenties and in the United States. Until then, my riding adventure
consisted of training in the art of dressage and jumping taught by old school
military instructors with the occasional trail ride.

Finally, I bought my first horse
in the mid eighties, a Quarter
Horse mare with navicular
problems. Unable to "cure"
her, I gave  her away to a
sanctuary and acquired a
flashy grey Arabian/Morgan
cross. We had eight exciting
years together until his death
in 1995 that broke my heart.
Not wanting to be without a
horse, I bought a pregnant
Arabian mare.

My wake-up call came when
her colt, Cody, was born. Not
wanting to turn him over to
anyone else for training, I made
it my mission to become a
better horsewoman and what
better way to bond with a horse
than through natural horsemanship.
The Wild Horse Hoof
Claudia Beutel
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner
My natural horsemanship journey led me to a new awareness
of the way we keep our horses hooves. When a farrier trained
by Gene Ovnicek (
www.hopeforsoundness.com) mentioned
that barefoot would be healthier, it didn't take much to
convince me. That was more than ten years ago.

Eventually, my desire to become a natural hoof care
practitioner grew. I had the opportunity to apprentice under
the guidance of Dani Loyd followed by a Three Day Hands-On
Trimming Intensive with Todd Jaynes in Georgia allowing for a
two student maximum.
To further my educational foundation, I joined the Training
Program with the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners where I
completed a series of mentorships. Three of my mentors are
members of the American Hoof Association, an organization
of peer reviewed hoof care professionals offering progressive,
preventative and rehabilitative services, education and
I am proud to have had the opportunity to study amongst the
best in the field.

My Mentors:
Todd Jaynes (www.naturalhoofcare.net)
Asa Nuttal (www.hoofauthority.com)
Sossity Gargiulo (www.wildheartshoofcare.com)
Maria Siebrand (www.thoughtfulhorseman.com)
Each swift horse is natures child
At home on land forever wild
And each wild horse was meant to be
At home on land forever free.
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Completed Continuous Education (CE):
NRC plus 20hrs. CE
Cushings and Insulin Resistance 20hrs. CE
Reading Radiographs 20hrs. CE
Arthritis and Other Lamnesses 20 hrs. CE
Under The Horse 20hrs. CE
Attended Clinics/Seminars:
Australian Wild Horse Research Seminar
Equicast Clinic with Dave Richards